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Our Mission

We are the first agent for all luxury cruise in Ha Long bay so we have a very good treat to our contract.

Our logo shows the oriental style with the image of a human practicing Yoga in the dawn on the beach. The image is created to demonstrate our company mission- we will take all you to another world – different from the busy and hustle Western life, it is an unique culture, tradition, customs and wonderful landscape in Indochina.

We are working hard to offer tourists all over the world a reliable travel agent.

Based in Vietnam and specialized in Indochina excellent services, unique journeys to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with very competitive prices.

We are very enthusiastic to cater your need and to assist you in planning unforgettable holidays in Asia. Besides, for better services to our clients, we commit to your requests within 24hours.

We are now growing to become one of the most efficient and successful tour company with commitment to reliability, excellent services and competitive pricing.

We bring values to the outside world and, in the same time, we embrace the responsibility for the existing values preservation, especially Vietnam tourism.

Vietnam tourism, Cambodia tourism, Laos tourism are growing day by day together with direct and indirect damage. In a poor country, the obvious wealth of people from developed countries is a powerful lure. Unsustainable use of natural areas and exploitation of natural resources is a growing concern. Generally, it is a big issue for most of undeveloped countries; that is not obtaining income from tourism activities.

Thus, unlike many other tour companies, we take our responsibility towards protecting the culture and environment of the countries. We call upon visitors to keep the originality of each destination including people, culture, environment and society. We develop Vietnam tourism and oriented countries as a means of improving the income of local people

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